About Me




     Welcome to the world of KRISTEN HEAD TURNING crochet! I know what your thinking  (Yeah my Granny crochets this is Not your GrandMAMA crochet! Lol )My name is Kristen 1ST of All I want to give Thanks to Jehovah, God for the Art of Crochet and for giving me the talent to create Exclusive pieces from a ball of yarn. I am also Thankful for all the women who paved the way for crocheting.    I'm from Nashville, Tennessee born and raised. I taught myself to crochet by watching YouTube Videos in 2012!  (Yep I'm a YouTube Junkie ) I thought I would never catch on but I did ! I Never Gave up! I kept pushing myself! Crocheting brings joy, peace, and love to my heart. Crocheting is more than just a hobby it is something that I could not imagine life without! I make everything with love and positive energy! Wearing my exclusive crochet pieces are guaranteed to Turn Heads! I hereby Promise you that sis lol okkkkkk girllll! Step out the plain Hoops and try something New! You will Absolutely NOT be disappointed! Everything is 100% handmade! 

Thanks for taking out the time to hear my story! 

Signing off,