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2021 affirmations large button 

Wear this button to encourage yourself and others . 

Take time for SELF LOVE Who are you? Where are your going in life ? What are your Goals and Dreams. How will you accomplish your goals and dreams.  Ask yourself these questions. Your personal relationships with God prayer and Meditation are the key factors! 

Self love is a reflection of yourself and God  talk to yourself in the mirror  I am GREATFUL ,THANKFUL ,APPRECIATIVE , LOVING ,KIND, BEAUTIFUL  ,STRONG , INTELLIGENT I am HAPPY and nothing but positively surrounds me ! Get fresh air daily Go to the park or lake walk / run get your heart rate up breath deeply sun bathe the sun will recharge you vitamin D plays a role in your mental health.  Buy some essential oils eat things that are nourishing to the body Drink more water and herbal teas keep a journal. Light soy candles light some sage take a long bath or shower Do a yoni steam listen to meditation music. Materialistic things matter do them as you see fit but the things that don't cost money are more important! Do whatever you need to do for yourself practice SELF LOVE everyday!